Dr. Ava Cadell Announces New Study

Dr. Ava Cadell Announces New Study

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. — Leading sexologist, Sexual Health Expo’s “Sexpert of the Year,” global speaker, author, and founder of Loveology University, Dr. Ava Cadell has announced the launch of a new, ground-breaking study on personality and sexual desires: “The Loveology Personality & Sex Survey.”

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Dr. Cadell says she is currently seeking participants from around the world to take part in the study, and that her ultimate goal is to help men, women and couples get what they really want from their sexual relationships by analyzing the results of the research. 

According to Dr. Cadell, the new “Loveology” study builds on the Myers-Briggs personality test, as well as on psychology’s Big Five” dimensions of personality, each of which is known to influence a wide range of areas that affect a person’s everyday life.    

“Our goal with this research is to better understand how people can create the intimacy and sexual compatibility they truly desire within their relationships,” Dr. Cadell said. “We need anonymous, willing participants to help us gather valuable data about love, sex, relationships and compatibility. With a substantial cross-section of global participants, we can provide an analysis that just might change the way we look for the right love match.”

All participants of the survey will remain anonymous. For complete discretion and privacy, the survey website does not require or capture e-mail or IP addresses.