Evil Angel Seeks to Capitalize on T-Mobile’s ‘Binge On’ Announcement

Evil Angel Seeks to Capitalize on T-Mobile’s ‘Binge On’ Announcement

CANOGA PARK, Calif. — More than two dozen video sites have been placed on a list making them exempt from T-Mobile's data caps, and adult entertainment studio Evil Angel is planning to join them.

In an announcement yesterday, T-Mobile said it would be making it free to stream 480p video over a 4G LTE connection in a promotion it’s calling “Binge On.” Now, T-Mobile binge watchers will be able to turn on the optimized streaming mode and not have to worry about how much data they’re burning. 

Following the Binge On announcement, T-Mobile CEO John Legere was asked whether porn streaming services will be allowed to participate. The chief executive said the company would be net neutrality-friendly and wouldn’t offer preferential treatment to certain types of content.

Adam Grayson, Evil Angel's CFO, told XBIZ today that he’s optimistic that Legere’s offer moves forward.

“T-Mobile has acknowledged with the launch of Binge On that streaming video is driving mobile-user behavior, and porn is obviously a significant part of that streaming universe,” Grayson told XBIZ. “He sure doesn't seem bothered by the association, and once you remove the stigma, it's just ones and zeros.” 

Evil Angel has contacted T-Mobile and plans to see how it goes, he said.

“No word back from T-Mobile as of right now,” Grayson said.

Grant Castle, T-Mobile's vice president of engineering services, told PC Magazine that Binge On's optimizations can work with web-based as well as app-based video, so providers don't need an app.

“Web-based providers can join the list of preferred partners as long as they adhere to some standard web video delivery schemes,” he told PC Magazine. “If they do a standard technology, and they send us an email, we can get it done really easily.”