APAC Leads Push for Adult Performer Study

APAC Leads Push for Adult Performer Study

LOS ANGELES — The Adult Performer Advocacy Committee (APAC) said today that it has partnered with UC Santa Barbara researchers to gather statistical data on performers working in the adult film industry.

“An online survey, open to all adult film performers, will generate important information about a range of topics that relate to performers including income, sexuality, affiliation with other sex industries, sexual safety practices and sex-work related discrimination,” APAC said today in a press release. “The data will be used to improve the experiences and safety of performers, as well as to raise the standard for industry practices more generally.

APAC noted that while scientific research on sex workers has increased dramatically over the past several decades, empirical data on labor practices in the adult film industry is lacking.  

“The aim of this survey is to fill in this gap, and facilitate understandings of adult industry performers that are based on fact rather than cultural stereotypes,” APAC said.

APAC president Chanel Preston said: “We are excited to have been involved in the creation of the current study, and we hope that the survey data will bring new insights into where we all can focus our efforts.”

Performers who are interested in participating in the survey can contact APAC directly by email at apac.information@gmail.com, or visit their local adult industry testing facility.