TMZ: Stockroom Supplies Latex Outfits for Rihanna Music Video

TMZ: Stockroom Supplies Latex Outfits for Rihanna Music Video

SILVERLAKE, Calif. — Over the weekend pop star Rihanna had her stylist put in a rush order for high-end custom-made latex suits from The Stockroom’s Syren Couture brand, TMZ reports.

A Stockroom rep told the celebrity gossip site that the $2,000-plus order had to be completed within 48 hours for a music video that’s being shot this week. Rihanna’s stylist requested full-body black and dark navy catsuits, according to TMZ.

To create the pieces, Stockroom got a hold of Rihanna’s “very personal measurements such as ‘nipple to nipple,’ ‘shoulder top to top nipple,’ ‘crotch,’ etc.,” TMZ says.

Stockroom’s Syren Couture brand was also featured in Taylor Swift’s music video “Bad Blood” earlier this year.

According to the company,Syren Couture focuses on providing studio services. All Syren Couture garments are handcrafted by skilled artisans using high-quality materials. Signature Syren Couture creations have been featured in major films from the "Watchmen," "Batman Returns," "
Batman Forever," and "Men in Black II" to "Mr. & Mrs. Smith," on television shows such as "Ugly Betty" and "CSI Miami," and in the music videos of Gwen Stefani and Eve.