BKK Cybersex Cup Indiegogo Campaign Launched

BKK Cybersex Cup Indiegogo Campaign Launched
Ariana Rodriguez

HONG KONG — A Hong Kong-based start-up has launched an Indiegogo campaign to fund the release of its BKK Cybersex Cup, a masturbator that combines virtual reality and motion-sensing technology.

The Indiegogo campaign can be viewed here.

The BKK Cybersex Cup full set includes a motion-sensing masturbation cup, a VR helmet and a mobile application that works with both.

“The BKK Cybersex Cup is a piece of advanced virtual sex equipment that delivers solo male pleasure like nothing else,” the company said. “That's because it has a built-in motion sensor that simulates movement and transmits the action via Bluetooth to your smartphone which is running the 3D girlfriend app.

“The result? Your every stroke is shared with your favorite cyberbabe in the mobile porn game app on your phone.”

According to the company, the mobile application that comes with the BKK cup is the first-ever 3D porn game for a smart phone. The app allows users to customize their own 3D girlfriend. 

“You get to pick her body, skin tone, hairstyle and the outfit she wears,” the company says. “Then put her wherever you want and get her into any position you desire so you can have some epic sex with your cybergirl.”

The app also supports virtual reality technology. “When you turn your head, the app turns with you,” the company said.

According to BKK’s Indiegogo campaign page, the company began developing the cup last November and plans to begin to deliver products by December.

The BKK Cybersex Cup is USB-rechargeable and features a removable sleeve that can be washed.

To see product video of the BKK Cybersex Cup, click here.