TrafficHaus Opens Bidding for,, Traffic

TrafficHaus Opens Bidding for,, Traffic

SAN DIEGO — TrafficHaus has opened bidding for exclusive AdultFriendFinder, and members-area traffic.

Traffic Haus said that it’s the first time clients have real-time access to every profitable zone in the platform at extraordinarily low opening rates.

“This instant bidding option gives clients immediate openings to high-converting, 100% authentic traffic from credit card-carrying customers — act now to lock down the lowest rates online,” TrafficHaus Sales Director Jake Gonzalez said.

“This member’s area traffic is some of the most high-end and high-converting traffic on the web thanks to 100 percent real users with 90 percent of traffic coming from the U.S., U.K. and Australia,” he said. “Have a new gaming, nutra or mainstream product to promote? These zones are prime real estate for these kinds of placements — video-on-demand sites are seeing 100 percent ROI in mobile traffic already. 

Gonzalez noted these lucrative zones are available on both mobile and PC platforms with low minimum opening bids, making it easy for clients to get price priority of any bidders that follow. Frequency capping is available networkwide and bids start as low as .50 CPM.

“We’re proud to release this prime inventory to real-time bidders at competitive intro rates to give clients another way to optimize campaigns while taking advantage of immediate money-making opportunities,” Gonzalez said.

“These zones are still available direct, of course, and clients that require special targeting via niche, genre, gender, and more are recommended to contact their sales agents without delay.”

To buy direct, email