MadeInpluto Releases CCart

MadeInpluto Releases CCart

BARCELONA, Spain — CCart is a Javascript plugin which lets users add a cart system to their website in a matter of minutes as well as accept payments through the CCBill billing system.

CCart API is compliant with the CCBill API and it allows users to integrate CCBill checkout forms into their website seamlessly.

"Adding CCart is as easy as copy and paste and simply adding a couple of classes to your products is all you need to start offering your clients an efficient and beautiful cart system which updates on the fly," the company said.

"With CCBill being a trusted leader in global payment solutions and with a growing demand for integration of their billing system onto existing websites, we at MadeInPluto felt it natural to develop a shopping cart built around CCBill APIs natively," said Fabio Salvadori, CEO of web development for MadeInPluto. "CCart is going to reduce integration, maintainance and administration costs considerably for website owners who have CCBill as their payment system of choice while granting end-users the best possible browsing and shopping experience."

Being the only turnkey cart natively developed around CCBill APIs out there, CCart features an easy and fast integration and it works on every modern browser and device.

MadeInPluto is a CCBill Integration Partner and CCart has been approved and featured by CCBill as one of their showcased shopping cart systems and Integration Partner.

To see a demo of CCart at work and to purchase the plugin, click here.