Venus Lux's TransGlobal Magazine Debuts Podcast

Venus Lux's TransGlobal Magazine Debuts Podcast
John Sanford

LOS ANGELES — Venus Lux’s TransGlobal Magazine has introduced "The Venus Lux Show" podcast and “Transparent as a Trans-parent” column to its selection of offerings.

"The Venus Lux Show" is an adaption of the popular "Venus Rising" column. The weekly show will also feature special co-hosts, guest appearances and more.

One of the new columns to make it’s debut is “Transparent as a Trans-parent.” The column reveals the reality of being a transgender parent. Written by Venus, the star is unapologetically frank about caring for a minor and unique situations that occur.

“TransGlobal doesn’t just cater to the transgender community,” Lux said. “We want everyone to feel welcome and hopefully create a better understanding of who we are. The addition of these new features, helps in that ideal.”

TGM recently welcomed Daphne Dorman, a new writer to the site. Dorman volunteers at the San Francisco LGBT Center serving as the instructor for Transcode, a series of classes aimed at training transgender members of our community for a career in technology.