Vibratex Debuts New Packaging

Vibratex Debuts New Packaging

NAPA, Calif. — Vibratex has introduced new “gift-like” packaging that features a satin rope handle that can be used to hang the products.

“Our retail partners are extremely pleased with the new packaging,” says Shay Martin, vice president of Vibratex. “We are fortunate to have been picked up by several retailers who did not previously offer our products.”

According to the company, the new packaging cues an “elegant shopping experience” and adds spark to on-shelf presentation.

“This new premium packaging was designed to match our high-quality products and show off their uniqueness,” says Martin, “while communicating the key benefit our products always offer: ‘Awaken new sensations.’”

Vibratex also says its Mystic Wand is set to reap the greatest benefit from the company’s packaging revamp.

“It has been really great to see the Mystic Wand rise to new heights in the last few months,” Martin said. “The Mystic Wand has always been like a secret, powerful lover that goes everywhere you do. It is discrete and it fits into a handbag. And the updated packaging has allowed it to find its way into many more shopping baskets.”

Vibratex says the Rabbit Habit, too, has seen a double digit lift since its reintroduction in new packaging about 15 months ago.

“All our vibes typically see a great lift during holiday season, when consumers are looking for high-quality, reliable gifts for friends and loved ones,” Martin said. “But this year we think the improved shelf presence and added visual appeal of the new packaging will amplify that effect with even more gift shoppers.”

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