Pipedream to Ship ‘Mega Massager’

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Pipedream has announced that the Wanachi Mega Massager, aka “the world’s biggest and most powerful wand” will ship at the end of November.

The Wanachi Mega Massager is 17 inches tall with a 4.5” head. It offers 10 patterns of pulsations and features a silicone head that is body-safe and safe, along with a flexible neck.

“If you've never orgasmed before or have difficulty reaching climax, this mega massager is the ultimate fix for guaranteed results,” the company said. ‘With its amazing strength and proven durability, this will be the only plug-in massager you'll ever need!

“Choose from 10 thrilling patterns of mind-blowing vibrations and find the setting that's just right for you. Best of all, you'll never run out of batteries at the wrong time! With a seven-foot power cord you can easily reach a power outlet nearest to you, and the massager can support 110v-240v worldwide.”