DreamZone Announces 'Flesh for the Butcher'

DreamZone Announces 'Flesh for the Butcher'

LOS ANGELES — DreamZone Entertainment on Tuesday announced its next feature, "Flesh for the Butcher," an original porn horror movie from director Jakodema.

"Flesh for the Butcher" stars Vera Drake, Goldie, Blair Williams, Bradely Remington, Alex Davis and Rob Carpenter.

The trailer is available here.

“Nothing is a turn on quite like fear,” said DreamZone Entertainment VP Adam H. “In a nod to campy '70s horror flicks, 'Flesh for the Butcher' fleshes out (pun intended!) the action-packed sex scenes horror movies scream for.

"With a young, drop dead gorgeous cast, fun special effects, and an original script, director Jakodema has some bloody fun for the title that will keep fans on the edge of their seats, then bring them over the edge!”

After learning of an abandoned warehouse with a twisted history, a small group of friends dare each other to explore the premises at night. Before they realize the severity of the danger they’ve put themselves in, members of this brave, but foolish, group begin to go missing. One by one, limb by limb, they are slaughtered by the insatiable Butcher. Only six have entered, but how many bodies will please the Butcher’s hunger for fresh flesh?

Vantage Distribution is the exclusive distributor for DreamZone Entertainment. Retailers and distributors interested in ordering DreamZone titles should contact Adam H. via e-mail at adam@vantagedist.com or at 800.999-2483 x1228.