's Erotic Haunted House Opening in S.F.'s Erotic Haunted House Opening in S.F.

SAN FRANCISCO —’s “Hell in the Armory” erotic haunted house opens this weekend.

The operators said last year’s experience launched a new genre generating outraged headlines nationally and internationally in publications including The New York Times, Maxim, Fangoria and more.

This year, Kink  returns with “Hell In the Armory: Inferno,” an even more controversial experience. Loosely based on Dante's vision of the nine circles of hell, Inferno is so extreme visitors must sign a waiver.

"Inferno goes beyond anything we've done before. It's an absolutely immersive experience that brings together two of our most primal emotions, fear and sex," said Audrey Joseph, director of events of The Armory. "Last year was our first venture into this world, and it proved ground-breaking. But this year, we've really pushed the boundaries psychologically. This is not something you bring kids to."

For Inferno, Kink and The Armory have partnered with New York's Blackout, the pioneers of the extreme haunted house experience. Beginning outside the renovated S.F. Armory on 14th Street, the tour winds through the dark and dank basement of the historic Armory building for an adults-only — and only in S.F. — experience.

Unlike traditional haunted houses, visitors to Inferno are expected to participate in the experience, interacting with the performers in order to complete the tour. The tour, which features graphic religious and sexual themes, takes full advantage of the 100 year-old Armory's confined spaces and physical elements.

Hell in the Armory: Inferno runs now through Oct. 31, Wednesdays through Sundays. Tickets are $35-45 and can be purchased at