Grooby, Lightspeed Partner for Social Media Monetization Site

Grooby, Lightspeed Partner for Social Media Monetization Site

LOS ANGELES — Grooby today announced its partnership with Lightspeed Media Corp. to operate, a social media monetization and promotion tool.

The company said that with users getting banned on sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for posting nudity (including nipples), is a site that allows models, producers and promoters in the trans erotica arena to post an edited censored version of their nude image with the ability to monetize the clicks it receives and share traffic with other posters.

Grooby explained that when someone clicks on the censored image, they are directed to a page showing the original uncensored image and the uploader gets their profile and links viewed, as well as gets paid on every click and upload.

"When Steve Lightspeed approached me with this, I was very intrigued and once I got to play with the software, I found that he's built a extremely easy and accessible tool, that is actually fun to use and productive," Grooby owner Steven Grooby said.

He added, "We've had excellent results in the first week of the soft launch with a lot of quality, dedicated, transgender-orientated adult traffic from social media avenues. I'm looking forward to reaching out to people in the coming weeks who would be interested in these prime and targeted ad spots."

The new site joins 2Hot4FB and 2Gay4FB to provide advertisers, promoters and models access to otherwise difficult to monetize and capture social network traffic.

"Grooby is a pioneer and continuing leader in the transgender adult market, and Lightspeed Media is proud to partner with them to bring the 2T4FB app to their models, fans, and associates," said Steve Lightspeed, CEO of Lightspeed Media and creator of the software. "The 2T4FB app is the perfect addition to the 2Hot family of adult-community social media apps."

Those interested in joining can visit Additional information about the site and other tips can be found at