Chandie Foster Named Partner Manager for FNCash

Chandie Foster Named Partner Manager for FNCash

AUSTIN — Interactive Life Forms LLC, known for its flagship male masturbation device, Fleshlight, on Thursday announced Chandie Foster is the new FNCash partner manager.

The industry veteran Foster is the final addition to the digital marketing team, according to Fleshlight, which has focused the past two months on bolstering their digital media presence by selecting key figures for integral roles.

Foster’s extensive history in affiliate marketing and management makes her the ideal choice to helm the FNCash program as she aims to reorganize, implement strategy and fuel its growth in the coming quarters, the company said.

Having started her tenure in the business in 1998 at MegaHardcore (one of the first adult entertainment companies online) and proving herself as a valuable asset to companies such as Cybersynergism and PornstarBucks, the company is confident that she will be able to reinvigorate their retail affiliate program. 

Most notably, Foster built and ran the ClubJenna affiliate program which gave her the insight and ability to pull revenue from various partners and relationships for maximum revenue, the company said.

“Fleshlight is the perfect fit for me,” remarked Foster. “It’s exciting to be part of such a well-respected and globally known brand. I look forward to bringing new and improved tools to our affiliates as well as breaking new ground through industry partnerships. I’m extremely proud to be part of the Fleshlight family.” 

Andrew Rapley, Fleshlight ‘s VP of digital strategy, shared her enthusiasm.

“Chandie comes equipped with invaluable experience and knowledge of successful affiliate marketing and management," Rapley said. "We needed a strong and progressive partner manager to take FNCash to the next level and we have found that in her."

With 17 years in the adult digital space under her belt, Foster said she has big plans for evolving the FNCash program.

“Over the coming weeks I will be engaging more with our existing affiliates to see what they need and what we can do for them to make them more money," Foster said. "I’m excited to get my hands dirty and turn this program around, driving sales like we have never known possible.” 

For those interested in becoming an affiliate or partner of FNCash visit and sign up for an account or email