YanksCash Appoints Billie Miller CEO

YanksCash Appoints Billie Miller CEO

SEATTLE — Following re-branding and relaunch of its female-produced flagship site Yanks.com, YanksCash has appointed founder and COO Billie Miller its new CEO.

Todd Spaits, the former CEO and founder will continue on as CMO.

“Given the pivots we have made within the company and our focus on highlighting the end to end female production and management of content on our flagship site Yanks, we believe it is essential that Billie be on point in the company’s direction moving forward and become the face of YanksCash and its collection of premium websites," Spaits said.

He added, "My goal going forward is to focus on driving attention to what is quickly evolving into a one of a kind company and product, allowing Billie to become a positive female leader and force for our business, the industry as a whole and female sexual health and wellness beyond the adult content realm."

Miller noted that in the coming months there will be a new site launch, the initiation of VR production for Yanks, the opening of new content channels and development of partnerships that will bridge adult with the sex positive movement.

“2015 has been a phenomenal year for YanksCash and 2016 and beyond looks to be even more promising. Quality content and positive relationships with our customers, partners and vendors served us well during the lean times. As the industry resurges, we believe we are uniquely positioned to take advantage of many sexual trends that are emerging and evolving into the status quo, especially in regards to the consumption and relationship between porn and porna and women. I am looking forward to taking YanksCash to levels not seen before in tech, industry leadership, social responsibility and mainstream recognition,” Miller said.

Interested advertisers, content partners and webmasters can email todd@yankscash.com.