BelAmi's 'Scandal in the Vatican 2' Episode 2 Now Online

PRAGUE, Czech Republic — BelAmi has released Episode 2 of “Scandal In The Vatican 2: The Swiss Guard” at

Filmed on location in Italy, the movie's premise centers around BelAmi's Kinky Angel star Kevin Warhol who reads about priests having sex with the Vatican's Swiss Guards and becomes fascinated by the idea of having sex with one of the forbidden men.

In addition to Warhol, the cast includes Gino Mosca, Joel Birkin, Jean Daniel, Claude Sorel and Manuel Rios. The Swiss Guards are played by BelAmi's Hoyt Kogan with Marcel Gassion, Zac DeHaan and Andrei Karenin.

The studio said Episode 3 is due out in the coming weeks.