ExoClick Launches 2 New Desktop Ad Formats

ExoClick Launches 2 New Desktop Ad Formats

BARCELONA, Spain — ExoClick today announced that it has introduced two new desktop ad formats: Sticky Banners and a Notification Bar.

The company said the Sticky Banner is a traditional display banner with the advantage that it can be placed in nine different positions on the screen. As the user scrolls down the page the banner stays in exactly the same position which maximizes viewing exposure.

Publishers can define the banners sticky positioning with vertical options top, middle or bottom and horizontal options left, center or right. The Sticky Banner is available in several different sizes including 468x60, leaderboard 728x90, rectangle 300x250, special 315x300, square 250x250 and three sizes of skyscraper 120x600, 160x600 and 300x600.

The Notification Bar sits at the top of the desktop screen and is similar to browser notification bars. The format includes space for marketing text, and features a call to action button.

“We initially introduced the Sticky Banner format earlier this year with our in app Android SDK with great success. We are pleased to offer this format for desktop. Because of it's many different options for positioning and sizing it is a highly flexible ad format for advertisers and for publishers who can work their content around the positioning they have selected,” CEO Benjamin Fonzé said.

He continued, “The Notification Bar format is very popular on entertainment sites to promote downloadable products and because it is text and button based it doesn't require a design creative, just a powerful call to action marketing message to drive CTRs. Here at ExoClick we are committed to being continually innovative by creating more opportunities for our publishers to monetize their sites and for advertisers to have new ways of reaching their audiences and increase conversions.”

Both new ad formats are available in the ExoClick Admin Panel under Publishers > Ad Zones > New Ad, and Advertisers > New Campaign > Ad Format.

Demos of the new ad formats can be viewed here.

ExoClick noted that it will be demonstrating the new ad formats at the RACE 2015 show in Moscow, Oct. 8 and 9, and at the Berlin Affiliate Conference, Oct. 22-25.