Joydivision Offering Sneak Peek of Cosmopolitan Signature Line at Erofame

Joydivision Offering Sneak Peek of Cosmopolitan Signature Line at Erofame

HANOVER, Germany — Joydivision’s North American and German divisions will debut the Cosmopolitan signature line of pleasure products, along with other new releases at eroFame in Hannover, Oct. 7-9.

Joydivision says it will also be showcasing a variety of new products, including the Xpander series of prostate stimulators.

"We did not simply extend the series of our successful prostate stimulators, Booster and Booster Pro, but we have constructed a completely new kind of stimulator,” Joydivision CEO Oliver Redschlag said. “By developing Xpander, we have managed to solve the lack of innovation in prostate stimulators currently offered in the market, and have developed an entirely new technology.

 “With Xpander, retailers will win new customers in the growing segment of male toys. The fact that it is manufactured in Germany should make our product even more compelling. We invite all our partners to stop by our booth to see Xpander and how it revolutionizes prostate stimulation.”

Joydivision USA’s Executive VP Bianca Kuennecke, and senior VP of sales and marketing, Marcus West, also will be at eroFame to meet with international partners, both established and new. In addition to presenting the Joydivision catalog of products, the Joydivision team will launch multiple new retail planograms and marketing programs to assist their distributor and retail partners’ efforts.

“We are continuously working to build and develop tools to help our partners expand our brand presence, and assist with consumer sell-through,” West said. “Joydivision is committed to cutting-edge market tools, which grow our businesses collectively. We are looking forward to rolling these new tools out over the Holiday season.”

Joydivision also will be offering a sneak peek of its upcoming collaboration with Cosmopolitan for a signature line of products. Joydivision will be presenting toys and lubricants, as well as massage and beauty products, under the Cosmopolitan banner.

“Cosmopolitan empowers women to embrace their sexuality in a safe, fun and healthy way,” Kunnecke said. “Now, there’s a high-quality, upscale line of products with the same mission.”

Joydivision will be located at booths 190 and 191 at eroFame. Those interested in booking an appointment with the Joydivision team may email