XBIZ Announces RISE: Adult Performer Appreciation Dinner

XBIZ Announces RISE: Adult Performer Appreciation Dinner
John Sanford

LOS ANGELES — XBIZ is pleased to announce RISE, an Adult Performer Appreciation Dinner, set to be hosted in association with leading studios, product manufacturers and other adult content stakeholders on Thursday, Nov. 19, in Los Angeles.

The special holiday season event is being created to give thanks to adult performers for their contributions during the past year.

“The idea came from the realization that we, as an industry, do not have a tradition of celebrating the adult performer community as a whole,” said Alec Helmy, president and publisher of XBIZ. 

“While awards programs exist to recognize individuals on a select basis, this special event is being created to serve as our collective appreciation for performers’ contribution to the success of adult entertainment.”

Moe Helmy, events director at XBIZ, remarked, “Performers are the lifeblood of the adult entertainment business which is why we feel a great sense of privilege for having the opportunity to organize this important occasion.”

Dan Miller, senior editor at XBIZ, added, “RISE offers companies involved in the realm of adult content, either directly or indirectly, the opportunity to team with us to honor performers in a way that's never been done before. We hope this becomes an annual event.”

Alec Helmy reiterated that now more than ever an event like this is necessary.

“To all those who put their passion for performing sex ahead of society's mixed opinion about their chosen profession, and most importantly, for serving as the very backbone of our industry, we shall salute you,” he said.

The upscale dinner aims to host talent from all genres of adult entertainment, the total of which will be determined based on participating companies. The time and location of the event will be announced in October.

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For more information about RISE, contact events@xbiz.com.