ExoClick Updates API Platform

ExoClick Updates API Platform
Bob Johnson

BARCELONA, Spain — ExoClick today announced that it has updated it's platform API to version 1.1.

The company said the latest update offers even more programmatic control over campaigns on the ExoClick network by allowing clients to create or modify existing campaigns. This builds upon the features of being able to copy campaigns and pull statistics that were made possible with version 1 of the API.

“Our API empowers our clients to create their own bespoke software to control their campaigns and have the flexibility to monitor statistical data, be it through their own custom web applications and/or mobile apps.

For example, many advertisers use a range of different ad networks to promote their offers, rather than logging into each networks platform they can now create one software tool that will automate all of their campaign processes across all their networks, providing those networks have APIs,” CEO Benjamin Fonzé said.

Developers, clients and partners are encouraged to plug into ExoClick's ad network to see some of the suggested software applications utilizing the API including: setting custom bidding limits, monitoring performance in different GEOs and programatically changing them to improve ROI, automatic targeting of different devices and mobile carriers, and creating custom dashboards for more in-depth metrics.

Fonzé continued, “I believe that this new update provides the adult industry with the most powerful and advanced ad network API available.”

ExoClick has created a dedicated developers page on its corporate website that contains links to the API and its documentation.