Pipedream Gets Shout Out on 'Conan'

Pipedream Gets Shout Out on 'Conan'

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — On last night’s episode of “Conan,” comedian Kristen Schaal discussed shooting the FOX show “Last Man on Earth” in a studio that’s surrounded by dildo factories — which belong to Pipedream Products.

Schaal name-dropped the manufacturer as she described filming in Chatsworth, Calif., aka “the Porn Capital of the World.”

“Our studio is kinda sandwiched between two working dildo factories. One of them’s called Pipedream,” she said.

Shocked, Conan responds, “You’re serious? They’re churning out dildos?”

“Yeah! Real live dildos! Hot off the rack,” Schaal says.

The two factories mentioned are actually two of Pipedream's locations — the manufacturer operates offices and manufacturing facilities spanning 220,000 square feet located on Lassen Street.

“What a pleasant surprise to find one of our favorite celebrities in our neck of the woods,” Social Media Manager Sabrina Dropkick said. “We can’t wait to give Kristen and her crew a tour of our massive headquarters and a bundle of their very own Pipedream goodies." 

View the entire episode online at teamcoco.com and the Pipedream segment here