Webmaster Central Offers New Program for Dating Sites

TAMPA BAY, Fla. — Webmaster Central today said it is offering a new service that will help adult dating sites with conversions and retention. 

Through its new Conversions and Retention (CR) program, dating site operators who lease adult video content from Webmaster Central can now receive a fully customized white label content presentation and delivery system at no extra cost.

“Sometimes adult dating sites take a little while to work, so visitors need an incentive to sign up or to keep coming back,” said Andy A, CEO of Webmaster Central. “With the dating CR program, what we do is build pages loaded with HD adult video content that’s designed to both convert and retain. We then customize these pages to match our client’s existing site design.”

Adult dating sites that lease Webmaster Central content and utilize the new CR system can instantly add an entire content library to their site with almost no work.  It’s as simple as adding a link to the custom pages, and Webmaster Central does the rest. 

Non-members can browse the video library, but will be prompted to join the client’s dating site if they attempt to play any of the videos.  Paying members are free to watch as many videos as they’d like.  Plus, all content is optimized for mobile or desktop viewing.

“Our customers report a significant increase in average membership length and daily conversions when they add our video content to their dating sites,” Andy A said.  “What they love about this program is it can help them get more value out of their existing traffic, and it helps them earn more from their future traffic buys too.”