Angela White Featured in Two Japanese Showcases

Angela White Featured in Two Japanese Showcases
John Sanford

LOS ANGELES — Adult star Angela White is featured in two new releases from Momotaro Productions.

"The Married Woman: Angela White” and "Angela White: The Soapland Worker With the Colossal Tits” were filmed in Japan and present White in performances that may surprise long-time fans of the Australian performer.

"In May, I shot two showcase movies in Tokyo for Momotaro Productions," White said. "The first movie, 'The Married Woman: Angela White,' is shot in an amateur style and contains two sex scenes and one masturbation scene. The storyline is simple: I'm a married woman who has become bored in her monotonous relationship. I end up meeting a man on a social media platform and he invites me over to his apartment where he ties me up and has his way with me. It contains some light bondage and faux coercion.

"The second movie, 'Angela White: The Soapland Worker With the Colossal Tits,' contains two sex scenes and one blowjob scene. It is set in a 'Soapland,' which is like a bathhouse where customers go to be bathed and have sex. These scenes were really fun to shoot because I got to be covered in this glistening Japanese lotion which looked like coconut oil but had the consistency of sticky slime. It was fun to slip and slide while fucking in it.

"I found the Japanese to have a very different approach to shooting porn. The directors maintained a strong focus on a slow-burning eroticism and sensuality rather than the high-intensity and high-paced sex that is the trend in the U.S. market. Even the rough bondage scene was more tender than your average frenzied gonzo scene produced in Los Angeles. I wouldn't say I prefer one way of shooting to another though. I'm in this industry to explore my sexuality so I value the opportunity to experience something different and I enjoy both passionate and aggressive sex."

White continued, "The Japanese also had different expectations when it came to gender roles which I found fascinating given my university major was Gender Studies. The directors wanted a more subdued and submissive performance. They didn't want me to be too domineering or even assertive and while they didn't mind seeing saliva during a blowjob they instructed me not to spit on any cocks.

"Even the makeup was applied in a way to make me look more submissive. This was a big cultural difference that I found while shooting in Japan. I'm sure that there will be many fans that will enjoy seeing that side of me while others may hate it. At least I can say that I enjoyed the experience and I had a great time in Japan."

While the physical DVDs will not ship to the U.S., fans worldwide can stream and download the DVDs from the English language website

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