Adult Performer Zach West Seeks Agency Representation

MONTREAL — Adult performer Zach West is ready to take his career to the next level by seeking agency representation.

“I’ve been self-booking for sometime, or hiring girls to shoot content,” West says. “I decided I wanted to take things more seriously, but wasn’t really sure what to do.”

“After shooting a couple times with my friend, Indigo August, she suggested finding an agency would help me do just that,” West adds. “I still wasn’t sure, but after we shot for Mofos, it was an easy decision.”

West started in the industry by being an extra on a webcam show back in 1999, and took off from there, shooting for multiple amateur websites, including his own sites, and performed on webcam.

“It wasn’t until 2006 when I started to shoot content on a more pro level. Then in 2010, I again started to shoot amateur content and webcam with my wife, Hailey Morgan. Once I moved to Montreal last year, I decided to give it a serious try again, and started to shoot content with a GoPro,” West reveals. “I’d really like to start shooting a lot more often, and I have no problems with travel and such.”

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Zach twice, one of which is a forthcoming scene for Mofos,” Indigo August says. “We first met on set and he has since become one of my closest friends. Zach is punctual, reliable, great at both following direction and improvising and always puts out a great scene.”

“Zach West is a natural and relaxed in front of the camera… He is very professional and respectful at all times,” added Vandal Vyxen. “I found him very authentic as soon as he entered the Montreal adult industry, and was pleased to shoot with him [and I] gotta say, I love his look as well!”

“Zach, is great! He is very beautiful and sexy — but not only sexy, he is nice to work with,” Shana Lane agreed. “My sister and I had a lot of fun shooting with him, and are definitely going to shoot with Zach again. He knows how to be professional, and he knows how shoot a great scene.”

“I don’t really want to be a big name or anything like that,” West concludes. “I just want to work in an industry I’ve given 16 years of my life to, and made some amazing friendships in.”

Agents interested in helping grow Zach’s career can email