B. Skow Announces Release of 'Auditions 3'

B. Skow Announces Release of 'Auditions 3'

LOS ANGELES — Director B. Skow is pulling back the curtain on the casting process in his newest release, Skow for Girlfriends Films’ “Auditions: Vol. 3,” now shipping from Girlfriends Films.

“I had an amazing time shooting for this film, and it was so much fun auditioning for B. Skow,” said Katrina Jade.

“Auditions: Vol. 3” takes viewers into the casting room where performers prove how far they’ll go for a chance to appear in a Skow movie. The newest installment in the series takes four all-natural starlets through the casting process, catching them off guard and putting them on the spot, as they show how hardcore they’ll get for a role.

“Every girl shows their personality as I quiz them, tease them, and challenge them to show us how suitable they are for us,” B. Skow said. “It’s spontaneous, candid, and at times funny but still very erotic. The bottom line is that these girls love sex – especially when it’s in front of the camera!”

Starring Megan Rain, Karlie Grey, Nina North and Jade, “Auditions: Vol. 3” will be available on DVD Friday. 

“In ‘Auditions 3,’ I finally got to do a scene with Tommy Pistol," Jade said. “I had been waiting a year to fuck him, and it definitely showed! And in case my fans are wondering, yes, he came in my pussy.”