Liberator Launches New Video Campaign

Liberator Launches New Video Campaign
John Sanford

ATLANTA — Liberator Bedroom Adventure Gear has released its first video designed to inspire and stimulate brand awareness and product understanding. Their new series of videos entitled "Discover Liberator" was conceived by the creative team at Liberator and was shot and directed by Atlanta-based photographer, Cooper Penn.

This first of many short product videos highlight the features, benefits, and sales points of the Liberator Bedroom Adventure Gear product line. Only two minutes in duration, it includes a portrayal of a couple discovering positions, angles, lift, access, control, and adventure.

These videos are intended for use as sales support, staff education, and direct-to-consumer advertising with both online and brick-and-mortar stores. Usable with or without audio, this video can be played on a loop on showroom floors, or it can be featured online to help shoppers make an educated choice, the company said. Additional videos are planned for production over the next several months.

According to Liberator Creative Director April Harmon, “The ultimate result is that it encourages couples to fantasize and to reignite connection while educating them at the same time.”

Distributors and retailers are encouraged to either download this complimentary video from a designated link for in-store merchandising, or embed it onto social media sites from the official Liberator YouTube channel.

Liberator can also provide custom discs and flash drives of the video by contacting the sales department at 866-542-7283.