Eroparter Opens New Warehouse

Eroparter Opens New Warehouse

ZWAAGDIJK, The Netherlands — Eropartner Distribution announces the completion of its new warehouse.

The distributor said it finished moving everything to its new location and starting this week all operations are located there.

“The warehouse with a larger floor space, will give us the opportunity to carry a wider assortment of our current brands”, said Elcke Wieffering, head of purchasing. “We’ve always had our eyes on a number of products that we wanted to carry but due to the physical limitations of our previous building did not have enough space to store them.”

The new warehouse offers Eropartner Distribution to the opportunity to build on the relationships with current manufacturing partners by carrying a wider assortment, the company says.

“In the past few years the number of people working at our head office and the warehouse has grown rapidly. We are tremendously happy with our staff and when designing the new building we wanted to make sure to take their needs into account as well,” Sjerk Wieffering said. “This resulted in a state-of-the-art lunch room and adjacent outdoor terrace. But the eye catcher of the building is undoubtedly the EP Café, for which we have exciting plans."

The new Eropartner Distribution headquarters is located at: Tomatenmarkt 1, 1681 PH Zwaagdijk, The Netherlands. And can be reached via or +31 (0)288 82 00 00.