ExoClick Introduces Keyword, Flexible IP Ranges Targeting

ExoClick Introduces Keyword, Flexible IP Ranges Targeting

BARCELONA, Spain — ExoClick today introduced Keyword amd IP Ranges targeting features for advertisers in its Admin Panel.

The platform updates are now available in "Admin Panel > Advertisers > New Campaign > Advanced Settings."

ExoClick said its Keyword Targeting feature is designed to help advertisers reach relevant audiences with traffic-driving keywords to lift their campaign's performance.

Key functions of this feature include: advertisers can input or block any keyword in any language, keywords can be composed of single or multiple keywords e.g. milk chocolate, and keywords can be specific niches, names of people/celebrities, brands or products.

The IP Ranges Targeting allows advertisers to target or block specific IP addresses/ranges. The company said this is particularly useful for 3/4G carrier targeting where advertisers can now use their own databases of IP ranges to target specific IPs.

To use these features, clients simply enter an item into the Keyword Targeting or IP Ranges Targeting text area (each item needs to be put on a separate line). To block items, users place a minus sign before the Keyword or IP Range, e.g. -milk

“Keyword Targeting is becoming increasingly relevant for niche marketing. Before, advertisers could select 32 available categories on our platform, our new Keyword Targeting now allows advertisers to obtain traffic from very specific or small niches. For example, perhaps you have an offer targeting fans of Kim Kardashian or you want to reach traffic that watches videos from specific brands, simply add these keywords into your campaign and your ads will show on sites next to content about Kim or next to relevant videos from brands. Our new IP Ranges Targeting now gives advertisers the flexibility of using their own databases of IP Ranges to reach specific carrier traffic,” CEO Benjamin Fonzé said.

He added, “We want to give our advertisers the same concise targeting and full flexibility that is offered by companies such as Google and Bing. With our already existing targeting options for language, GEO, contextual, browser, OS, device, mobile carrier, site, frequency capping and day-parting, we are now offering the most comprehensive targeting solutions to the adult industry. This is the first of three major features we are releasing in the next few days.”

For more information about the features, click here.