Anticipation Heats Up for 1st NYC SHE Conference

Anticipation Heats Up for 1st NYC SHE Conference

NEW YORK — Anticipation is at a fevered pitch for the Sexual Health Expo’s (SHE) first ever event in the heart of the Big Apple, Sept. 19 and 20 where thousands are expected to converge on the Millennium Broadway Hotel in Times Square.

Sex in the city really takes on a new and exciting meaning as the upscale event is set to deliver everything from “Butt Sex Basics,” to slamming oral techniques, to G-spot squirting, to “Unique Orgasms” and a whole lot more when the show hits town.

And those features are just a taste of what’s on the menu as the most sought-after professional sexperts and pleasure product vendors visit New York for the most compelling and educational sexuality conference that's open to consumers and educators alike.

CBS reported that SHE drew more than 2,000 attendees at its Los Angeles show, followed by record crowds at the Phoenix expo. And the New York event is on track to pack the Millennium as world-renowned experts in their field including show host and keynote speaker Dr. Emily Morse, and Dr. Ava Cadell, SHE’s “Sexpert of the Year” and founder of, impart their advice.

"I've been involved with SHE since it's inception because I knew that people everywhere were hungry for accurate information about sexual health and wellness,” Morse told XBIZ. “I've been amazed and thrilled at the overwhelming attendance from everyday people committed to learning how to have better sex lives and relationships. Plus they get to learn from the best and brightest educators in the field and explore the most exciting pleasure products on the market. This year's event in New York City is shaping up to be the best yet.”

A highlight of past shows has been SHE's exhibition area that allows folks to get hands-on with popular intimacy products, coupled with fun product demos and exclusive special events alongside singles and couples just like themselves.

Attendees will get to see choice offering from major sponsors including The Pleasure Chest, Jimmyjane, We-Vibe and Erosscia, along with Fleshlight, Sybian. Eden, Nuelle, The pjur Group, Babeland, Hot Octopuss, Blewit, Passion Parties, OneTaste NYC, Stud 100, My Shiney Hiney, 50 Cent Candy,, Sir Richards Condom Company, Current Pleasures, Dr. D Lifestyle, The Elator, Venus Spa, BathMate, Our Cabana, Sasha, Nature Labs, Cu In Bed, Teddy Love, Orchid and Serpent, Kama Sutra, Ruff Doggie, Promescent, 4More, Cervivor, and more.

SHE has also become a groundbreaking venue for couples that want to explore their sex lives in a welcoming setting. And with her mantra, “Great Life, Great Sex,” speaker Dr. Megan Fleming will be “bringing sexy back” to struggling couples at the show.

Fleming says that it’s now more important than ever that there are conversations and books about whether we are wired for monogamy, or whether that state/choice is against our nature. She believes there are many benefits to monogamy and that it’s time to let go of that image of marriage being a ball and chain. Marriage requires work, Fleming told XBIZ, but it’s worth it.

Fleming warns that most couples do fall into ruts or scripted sex and that’s a warning sign. Sex should not become mechanical or feel not worth having. Couples need to explore their bodies and find new sources of pleasure. “Face the unknown and really expand your sexual repertoire,” she advises.

And for those inclined to be really adventurous, speaker and sex relationship coach Charlie Glickman, one of the authors of “The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure” will weigh in on a number of topics, including sex toys. Glickman believes that more customers (especially women) have been exploring sex toys over the last several years and there’s been more demand for top-notch sex information and high-quality products.

Glickman — who’s been a speaker at the two previous shows in L.A. and Phoenix — lauds SHE for doing an excellent job of bringing it all together in one fun event. “I’ve seen how much fun the attendees have. Plus, it’s a great opportunity for people who want to connect with this world and don't know where to start. I’m excited to see what happens in New York,” he says.

Celebrity sexologist and Playboy TV host Dr. Jessica O’Reilly, who travels the world presenting relationship seminars and workshops on G-spots and squirting sponsored by Astroglide, will be adding some light-hearted fun to the two-day event talking about pleasure techniques from blow jobs and cunnilingus to multiple orgasms and squirting.

O’Reilly also promises to bring some edible props to practice on while “sliding in some good information about communication and empowerment in each session.”

One of the few men that specializes in the field, Dr. Hernando Chaves, straight from his office in Beverly Hills will talk “orgasms,” specifically the types that people don’t typically discuss like clitoris, G-spot, prostate, etc.

“Some unique orgasms even shocked me. And I don’t shock easily,"Chaves says.

The sexpert usually works the Unique Orgasms workshop with Dr. Ava Cadell who will deliver a workshop on "Sex & Disabilities or Limitations." Cadell says we all have some kind of disability in the bedroom; whether it’s an inhibition carried over from past shame or a lack of physical mobility, but our sexuality is within our control.

When asked what she expects in New York, Cadell says, “SHE Expo attendees can expect to see top sexperts share their secrets on how to have more satisfying sexual pleasure, demos of the latest sexual health products and sex toys, meet sexy, sex-positive people and have a memorable experience that will result in sexual empowerment. I'm expecting a truly unique experience that will be talked about for years to come.”

Attendees will also be treated to some fun workshops that will help expand their sexual empowerment. Professional erotica author and editor of more than 50 anthologies, Rachel Kramer Bussel will be teaching an erotic writing workshop, which involves numerous writing exercises (no experience required). She says she hopes after attending her talk, students continue at home and possibly submit to publishers.

And then there’s Dirty Lola —a sex educator and blogger of a different stripe who honchos Sex Ed A Go-Go who will be promoting sex positivity based on first-hand experiences and a savvy street-level feel. She’ll also be educating people about electro-sex stimulation.

Lola, a NYC local, says people need to accept and love themselves regardless of their body type and love they sex you’re having or not having. “We have to stop criticizing each other. We have to stop yucking each other’s yums,” she says.

There's a whole lot more at the premiere consumer event. Attendees can explore “Tantra for Beginners” with Reid Mihalko, “Sex After 50 — Yes, Yes, Yes” with Walker Thornton,” “The Myth of Sexual Dysfunctions” with Dr. Chris Donaghue, “Sex Toys 101” with Pleasure Chest Sex Specialist Jes Tom, “Amp It Up: Imaginative Ways to Keep Sparks Flying in Your Sex Play” with Ducky DooLittle, and much more.

Doolittle, who has appeared in the New York Times, HBO’s “Real Sex,” The Morning Show, MTV, NPR, The Howard Stern Show, Playboy TV, and more, told XBIZ, “New York City will be an especially exciting place to explore SHE. As a sex educator I love New Yorkers because they can be so high energy, sexy, always love to learn and can be pretty ‘type A.’ They take lots of notes during sex classes, then they go home and check every thing off one by one as they try it. Add to this equation the fact that SHE brings together lots of beautiful pleasure products, speakers that inspire, and plump gift bags — I think I might just explode with happiness. I am not exaggerating.”

That's not all. Those seeking to find someone of their own can also expect some advice from the show’s speakers. “Hooking Up Healthy" with NYC-based sex researcher Dr. Zhana Vrangalova promises her evidence-based workshop will be a show highlight.

Vrangalova says, "Casual sex gets a bad rep. It is often accused of being harmful for your physical, mental, and relational health. But things are not that simple. Research shows that not all casual sex encounters are equally harmful (or beneficial) and not all people are equally susceptible to these harmful (or beneficial) effects.”

The doctor will help people determine whether they're the right kind of person to hook up, and, if they decide to engage in it, how to do it in a way that will keeps all partners happy and healthy.