Sienna Sinclaire Launches Women's Website

LOS ANGELES — “Naughty Girl’s Guide to Los Angeles” author Sienna Sinclaire has launched dedicated to sex and dating coaching for women only.

This one-on-one program promises to deliver assurance to all women who are looking to date or find the right gentleman and to boost self-esteem and confidence in their personal life and in the bedroom.

“Naughty Lifestyle Coaching will help you to experience greater sexual fulfillment, gain more confidence, have longer lasting relationships with yourself and lover(s) and discover your true self,” Sinclaire said. “Naughty Lifestyle Coaching is not therapy, instead, it's focused on moving you toward future goals and outcomes.”

Sinclaire noted that the coaching model is client-directed. “I want you to feel as comfortable as possible to come to me about anything; whether it's sex, dating, confidence, body issues or how to live my Naughty Lifestyle Program. My Naughty Lifestyle Coaching can be a short-term commitment where we can resolve your issues with just one session or it may require more time to resolve such as one, two or three months. Then there are those clients who like to have a coach on hand for whenever they have a new issue arise. It's completely up to you, just know I'm here for you whenever you need me."

The program includes email, phone, one-on-one, and makeover sessions.