FriendFinder: Fembots Don’t Belong in Dating Industry

FriendFinder: Fembots Don’t Belong in Dating Industry
Rhett Pardon

CAMPBELL, Calif. –– FriendFinder Networks Inc. today clarified its position and policies on the issue of computer-generated fembots.

"FriendFinder does not and has never created and used computer-generated accounts to garner business on any of its sites," said Andrew Conru, chairman and founder of FriendFinder, operator of some of the largest and most-visited dating websites in the world, from adult-oriented AdultFriendFinder to traditional dating sites like FriendFinder and AsiaFriendFinder.

"We have never, and will never, create accounts purportedly belonging to real people in order to converse with other members, or for any other reason.”

Conru said there has been substantial publicity surrounding cheating site Ashley Madison, particularly about allegations that the adult dating site used computer-generated female "bots" to converse with men on the site to induce them to become paying members.

“This win-at-any-cost business practice is repugnant to us; it shows a total lack of respect for the users that support these sites,” Conru said. “Companies that cannot commit to stop charging people money to interact with their self-created bots need to exit this industry.”

Conru said FriendFinder believes its policy on this issue is unique in the adult dating space and challenges its competitors to publicly make similar assurances to their members.