Erosscia to Debut at N.Y. Sexual Health Expo

Erosscia to Debut at N.Y. Sexual Health Expo
Ariana Rodriguez

NEW YORK — The unveiling and official launch of the Erosscia portable pleasure product, created and distributed by Soixante9 Development Group, will take place at the Sexual Health Expo in New York, Sept. 19-20.

Erosscia is concealable in plain sight, fitting onto a Sonicare toothbrush to create a vibrator unlike others. At approximately three times the speed of most vibrators, using the Sonicare handle Erossica delivers almost 16,000 RPM whereas the Magic Wand delivers a reported 5,000 RPM. Erosscia creates unique heightened orgasmic sensations. The Erosscia is safe, hygienic and compatible with all body lubricants and cleaning methods.

Erosscia warms to match and maintain a natural temperature and touch sensation, and fits directly onto most rechargeable Sonicare toothbrushes.

The upscale, dynamic, energizing format of SHE — where fun, informal education ignites intimacy and sexual wellness — is the perfect venue for the consumer launch of Erosscia.

Just as SHE creates a different model for learning about sex and intimacy, Erosscia creates a different model for pleasure products, the company says.

 "We set out to intentionally create an affordable, discrete, elegant lifestyle product that creates orgasms with toe-curling intensity and pillow-biting bliss," explains Soixante9, the products creators. "Erosscia is aesthetically elegant and visually discreet yet creates an intensity unmatched by its clunky industrial counterparts with no plugging in or dead batteries. No more embarrassment of airport suitcase inspections or accidentally having the kids ask you what it is when you forget to take it off the nightstand. By creating an attachment for your Sonicare, Erosscia gives you a great addition to your personal pleasure products producing unique sensations beyond the reach of most pleasure products."

Available in pink, white, amethyst and black, Erosscia comes in three models the Original, the G2 for G-spot pleasure, and the Erosscia Mini.