David Peskin Becomes Sales Manager for Exquisite Multimedia

David Peskin Becomes Sales Manager for Exquisite Multimedia

LOS ANGELES — Adult industry sales pro David Peskin told XBIZ he has joined Juicy Entertainment, where he has been named the sales manager for Exquisite Multimedia, Inc.

Peskin, who started his career in adult in 1996-97 selling Snatch Productions and Samurai, is best known as the former national sales manager for Vivid Entertainment, Club Jenna and Teravision.

With the move to Exquisite, he’ll be reunited with longtime collaborator Howard Levine, who heads sales for sister company Exile Distribution.

“I’m thrilled to be working under the same roof and working closely with Howard again,” Peskin said. “He was my mentor at Vivid, aka Felix & Oscar or Marty & Ed, as we were often referred to.

“My responsibility is the Exquisite product, which encompasses all of Exquisite’s new releases and catalog product — Rodney Moore, XXX Factory, Ultimate T-girl Productions and Sex-Ed Films, which brings me back to when we launched Vivid Ed with Tristan Taormino. So I’m really excited about that.”

Peskin also will be selling Exquisite’s DDBusty line and bringing aboard the MenAreSlaves product.

“The first MenAreSlaves new release will be shipping in mid-October, subtitled “Female Worship.”

“And we’re going to be introducing a brand new studio called X-Rated Films,” Peskin added. “The first four releases are shipping in October: ‘Mommy Needs Cock,’ ‘Totally Teens,’ ‘Big Butt Girls Club’ and ‘Big Racks.’ X-Rated Films is a high-end, gonzo company specializing in MILF, Teen, Black, IR, Lesbian and Anal genres.”

Peskin recalled it was more than 14 years ago that he shook hands with Exquisite owner Jerry E. and was poised to team up with him.

“I was going to be working for Jerry selling one of Jerry’s studios,” Peskin remembered. “I literally walked outside and that’s when [Vivid CEO] Steven Hirsch called asking if I could start at Vivid tomorrow. I walked back in and said to Jerry, ‘you’re not going to believe this, but Steven Hirsch just called and offered me a job to sell Vivid.’ Jerry said, ‘Bro, you have to go work for Vivid.’

"As the world turns, 14 years later I’m now here working for Jerry. We’ve already had a really positive, close working relationship since I entered the industry in 96-97 selling Snatch Productions at that time and later Samurai.

“I’m really excited about what the future brings here. The support team at Exquisite Multimedia, Inc. is truly what I would call a salesman's dream."

Jerry E. told XBIZ he was excited about adding Peskin to the sales force.

“He’s worked with Howard Levine forever and we had an opportunity to get him and we jumped on it," Jerry E. said. "I’ve known David since he’s been in the business. I used to buy from him when I had my one-stop back in the day.”

Jerry continued, “Dave is a veteran industry insider and he’s always been forward thinking when it comes to new platforms and new revenue streams. And he’s always been a bit ahead of the curve. I’m excited to work closely with him here and help bring an already established company to the next level.”