Xgen Products Revamps Secrets Vibrating Panties

Xgen Products Revamps Secrets Vibrating Panties
Ariana Rodriguez

HORSHAM, Pa. — Xgen Products has announced that all of the eight units in the Secrets vibrating panties range are now remote-controlled.

Featuring a five-function body-hugging insert delivering external stimulation, Secrets sensual apparel is outfitted with a wireless remote control across the line.

“The Secrets line of vibrating panties had featured three units that were remote controlled to add a thrilling element to the sensual apparel experience; now, all of them have the same wireless capability,” Xgen President Andy Green said. “The remote control adds an extra component of excitement to the line, allowing another person to enjoy the experience.”

The new Secrets line of remote controlled vibrating panties made its tradeshow debut two weeks ago at the Fall International Lingerie Show (ILS). The company says it received great response from attendees, who stocked up for the season with orders for the new items.

Green continues, “The wireless remote is now a permanent function of the Secrets vibrating panties line, as is the powerful, top-quality, construction of the mechanical inserts, a cross between a bullet and a lay-on. Not to mention, the beauty of the garments themselves!”

Secrets Vibrating Panties are manufactured and distributed in the U.S. exclusively by Xgen Products. To order, email sales@xgenproducts.com, call (877)-450-9436, or visit XgenProducts.com.