Mia Isabella Teams With Profane Clothing for Shirt

Mia Isabella Teams With Profane Clothing for Shirt

NEW YORK — TS star Mia Isabella has teamed up with Profane Clothing for a new signature collection shirt.

Twenty percent of all profits from sales of the shirt will go a trans-youth scholarship created by Isabella, she said.

“I was overwhelmed during those moments, as a young person dealing with their gender identity; I realized why so many young trans people take their lives,” Isabella said. “But instead of crumbling, I decided to stand with those who stand for freedom, hope and love.”

The photo shoot included former porn star Christy Mack, who assisted in art directing and styling Isabella on set for the shoot.

“[S]he was the person who was there for me when I was all alone, and gave me the confidence to shoot again,” Isabella said.

Profane Clothing designer and photographer Se7en noted that Isabella was a target of cyberbullying and tabloid speculation over the summer, during her media scandal over her relationship with rapper Tyga.

“[W]e wanted to support Mia and make people aware of the positive aspects of being in the limelight, even in this circumstance.”

“Everyone should be proud to be who they are, and be the best person they can be. Profane Clothing supports all groups and supports diversity,” Se7en said.

To preorder Profane Clothing’s Mia Isabella shirts, click here. Orders start shipping next Monday.