TrafficHaus Offers Flash Workaround for Chrome Update

TrafficHaus Offers Flash Workaround for Chrome Update

SAN DIEGO — TrafficHaus today launched a new service following Chrome’s recent update, which renders all Flash ads essentially useless on the popular browser.

TrafficHaus said the new service will help clients that utilize Flash ads to transform their stock into GIFs and by directly targeting Chrome browsers. Clients can still use their existing Flash inventory everywhere else while seamlessly swapping it out for GIFs anytime Chrome is detected.

Chrome is the only browser to date to report it will no longer support commonly used Flash content. The update causes Flash ads to essentially stay in pause mode and not display as advertisers intended, causing the promoter to miss out on millions of eyeballs.

“While this affects publishers and advertisers in every industry, TrafficHaus is working proactively to prepare adult industry clients for the impending change with new and convenient technology to make a smooth transition,” TrafficHaus Sales Director Jake Gonzalez said

Gonzalez noted that GIFs have become the ideal replacement for Flash. No longer dated or tacky, GIFs maintain a positive and popular reputation with users and can be found almost everywhere online.

“With TrafficHaus, clients can target Chrome, take advantage of design help, and even utilize ad scripts to capture users’ attention more effectively. These are the kinds of special forward-thinking services that can only be found at TrafficHaus.”

For more information about how TrafficHaus can help your business make a seamless transition with the latest Chrome update, contact your preferred TrafficHaus rep or email