DIMOCO Releases Mobile Messaging Market Report for Germany

DIMOCO Releases Mobile Messaging Market Report for Germany

BRUNN a GEB/WIEN, Austria — DIMOCO has released its mobile messaging market special report for Germany in cooperation with Portio Research.

According to Portio, 11.4 billion A2P (application-to-person) and P2A (person-to-application) text messages were sent in Germany in 2013. In addition, 1.76 billion one, and two-way messages are expected worldwide in 2018.

DIMOCO said quality, reach, time and service are the key criteria in the messaging business and aggregators as well as enterprise customers can profit from its direct network operator connections in Germany.

“The German one and two-way messaging market can be classified as a mature market. The contribution of A2P traffic is above worldwide average,” said Karl Whitfield, Portio's research director.

DIMOCO CEO Gerald Tauchner added, “Our internal analyses confirm this as well. Aggregators as well as corporate customers use our 0-hop connection to the German mobile network operators."

The company noted that 112.6 million mobile subscribers can be reached via DIMOCO in Germany. With its direct connections to the German mobile network, it ensures fast delivery of large text message volumes in high-quality. DIMOCO's hub is designed for short latency periods and high throughput rates. With only one API, aggregators as well as enterprise customers get a connection to the hub and can choose alphanumeric and short codes as their sending ID.

“Even if numbers are ported to other network operators (thanks to our mobile network portability feature) text messages will be delivered to the right network,” Tauchner added. “Our DIMOCO delivery report shows successful text message delivery.”

The full report's infographic can be seen here.