Pure Play Now Shipping ‘Momentum Vol. 2’

Pure Play Now Shipping ‘Momentum Vol. 2’

VAN NUYS, Calif. — Pure Play Media and Lightsouthern ship “Momentum Vol. 2,” the second edition of director Michelle Flynn’s Australian adult feature now available to order.

According to the company, the movie was “born out of an Indiegogo campaign and evolved via the independent adult film festival circuit,” and “brings youthful energy, artful sex scenes, and gorgeous visual aspects to the roster at Pure Play Media.”

“Lightsouthern has made an international impact with its elevated brand of artful adult feature entertainment,” said Hyland, sales representative for Pure Play Media. “Fans loved ‘Momentum Vol. 1’ for its visually driven storytelling, deft creation of nostalgia for the sexual explorative period of the ‘70s, and authentic eroticism of the action scenes.

“We are so excited to present this highly-anticipated second edition of Lightsouthern’s magnum opus,” Hyland said. “Give me a call to reserve your run of ‘Momentum Vol. 2,’ and ask me about other titles in this four-part series.”

A follow-up to its first volume, “Momentum Vol. 2” stars the all-natural redhead Chloe, “a voyeuristic paper girl with a horny disposition who perves on curvy bombshell Madison Missina and sensual skaterboy Rob Paulson.” Later, she hooks up with blue-haired bisexual newcomer Bobbie for a girl-on-girl tryst.

Lightsouthern is an internationally acclaimed Australian production venture helmed by Michelle Flynn available exclusively on DVD through Pure Play Media. For wholesale information, contact Hyland at hyland@pureplaymedia.com, or call (800) 929-3267, ext. 3256.