GameLink Supports Deez Nuts’ Presidential Bid

GameLink Supports Deez Nuts’ Presidential Bid

CYBERSPACE — today said it is showing support for the presidential campaign of Deez Nutz with an exclusive offer to customers this Labor Day weekend.

Fifteen-year-old Brady Olson of Wallingford, Iowa, made national headlines last month when he filed paperwork to run for president under the name Deez Nuts.

GameLink customers will receive 15 percent discount on every item on the site during the sale, with a portion of the proceeds going to support his bid to become president of the U.S.  

“With Deez Nutz’ popularity increasing exponentially over the past month, and his outward stance against the current political standard, we believe that our company can help support his candidacy through our great Labor Day weekend sale,” said Jeff Dillon, GameLink’s spokesman. “We hope to generate as much money and support possible for Deez Nutz and his campaign over the three day event.”

Dillon said GameLink would like to offer Olson position with our company when he turns 18 – in the event he doesn’t win the upcoming election.

“He’s shown his ability to capitalize on current global situations with tactfulness, intelligence and brilliant timing,” Dillon said. “These are all qualities we look for when recruiting for positions at [parent company] eLine and GameLink.”

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