Former Prosecutor in Flynt Obscenity Case Dies

Former Prosecutor in Flynt Obscenity Case Dies

CINCINNATI — Fred Cartolano, the former Hamilton County assistant district attorney who helped in the prosecution of Larry Flynt on obscenity charges in 1976, has died. He was 88.

Cartolano is the third legal figure involved with Flynt cases in the 1970s who has died this year.

Last month, Gene Reeves Jr., the attorney who represented Flynt on obscenity charges in Georgia and was seriously injured in the shooting that paralyzed him in 1978, died at 85.

In February, attorney Herald Price Fahringer, who also represented Flynt, died at 87

In 1976, Cartolano helped former District Attorney Simon Leis Jr., who headed a local anti-pornography committee, in the prosecution of Flynt on obscenity and organized crime charges in Cincinnati.

Flynt was given a sentence of seven to 25 years in prison, but he served only six days in jail. Flynt’s sentence was overturned on appeal following allegations of prosecutorial misconduct, as well as judicial and jury bias.

Cartolano, who died Wednesday, later became a judge in Hamilton County.

Upon comment, Flynt told XBIZ today: "I'm not one to relish in the demise of any person, but this gentleman was not a very nice person."