TSX Toys Releases New Designs

TSX Toys Releases New Designs

SAN BERNADINO, Calif. — TSX Toys has unveiled two new designs — Moby Dick and Octo-Plug.

“While some sexual desires lie on the surface, others are hidden deep beneath the ocean waves,” the company said. “Join us as we travel deep down to meet some of TSX toys' most naughty nautical toys and help you discover your innermost fantasies.”

The Moby Dick toy is an anatomically correct whale penis that’s described as slick and curved, with a realistic tip, and stands at 14.

“This down-scaled replica of a whale penis allows your kinkiest seaside thoughts to
come to life,” the company says.

“Deeper into the dark blue, we find a mysterious sea creature that sticks to any surface,” the company says. “The Octoplug is a stylized design of a two-chamber butt plug where the head is the first step to ocean-sized orgasms and waves of constant pleasure.”

For more information, visit TSXToys.com.