Traffic Services Firm ‘Revolution Force’ Debuts

Traffic Services Firm ‘Revolution Force’ Debuts

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Revolution Force, a new traffic services company founded by industry vet Sean Christian, has opened up shop.

The CPA network has brought on board some other known authorities in the traffic space to build business, including Brent Simpson, Carmelo Lo Giudice, Jeremy Wagshul and Mark Rabinovitz

“Revolution Force has 50 years of combined experience in areas of affiliate marketing, media buying, demand generation, search engine marketing, search engine optimization, and product development,” Christian said.

Christian said that Revolution Force partners with top advertisers, helping them to acquire users and optimize their key performance indicators by utilizing the firm’s unique access to down-funnel sales metrics.

Revolution Force has implemented its own marketing budget as an efficient way to test every offer and gain firsthand intelligence about the exact eCPM, and ePC of every opportunity before opening the offers up to strategic partners and client accounts. 

“We put our own money where our mouth is,” said Simpson, the company's vice president. “And that is a crucial component of everything we do. Frankly, we believe there are too many consultants out there willing to spend your money to test their theories and that isn’t how traffic consulting should work. We tabulate real data from our own media buys and our clients benefit from every click we test because the money we spend becomes money they can save and use elsewhere in their operations to compound the growth of their brands.”

“The idea to build this network was simple,” Lo Giudice said. “We don't want to compete with companies anymore; we want to partner with them. Our industry reputation is strong enough that putting together an affiliate network and creating marketing technology makes perfect sense.

"We already have had a hand in building much of the early performance technology that networks rely on today, so for us it’s simple to talk about traffic acquisition with our affiliates and leverage their properties while helping our clients and strategic partners to monetize that traffic in ways that will yield an impressive ROI.”