ADAMO Adds Interstitial Ads and Time Zone Targeting

LOS ANGELES — Online advertising network ADAMO Ads has been evolving its platform at a rapid pace, and now the company has made interstitial ads available to its customers. 

According to the company, interstitial ads are extremely popular with advertisers due to their unusually high success rates, especially with mobile traffic.

“We’re always looking for exciting new technologies where traffic and advertising are concerned, and we were especially intrigued with interstitial ads for their ability to increase ROI for our customers,” explains ADAMO  CEO Judy Shalom.  “Our internal research showed that interstitial ads could be a highly efficient and productive approach to buying traffic [because] they bring maximum impact with minimal disruption of the viewer’s natural navigation flow.”

Interstitial ads typically cover the entire interface of their host, making them more engaging and hard to ignore, and as such are typically displayed to users as they move between views, and are especially useful for mobile advertising since it’s practical to take over the full screen on a mobile device. 

As ADAMO offers mobile inventory from some of the largest adult websites in existence, including YouPorn, PornHub, Worldsex and Tubecup, the network enables clients to drive profits from their mobile properties.

In addition to adding interstitial ads, ADAMO is also now allowing advertisers to target their ads by time zone or time of day, providing another filter to help clients zero in on the most productive combination for their unique advertisements.

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