LUB Lubricants Celebrates First Anniversary

LUB Lubricants Celebrates First Anniversary

NEW YORK — LÜB LLC, manufacturers of LÜB lubricants, is celebrating its one-year anniversary.

Since launching in summer of 2014, LÜB has risen in popularity, receiving rave reviews across social media, five-star real-user reviews on, as well as infiltrating the U.S. market among major retailers.

This month LÜB's founder Scott Cullens graces the cover of Cybersocket magazine for the second time; he was first featured on the leading LGBT tech-zine's December 2014 issue.

"I've been a fan of Cybersocket for many years," he said. "The timing of my second cover and feature article with them couldn't be a more perfect way to celebrate the one-year anniversary of LÜB. We have come a long way in just a short time, penetrating the U.S. market and we're ready to slide into global expansion."

Cullens is no stranger to mainstream media attention. His construction company, Palm Pacific Construction, was recently featured on the cover of the "Home + Design" issue of Palm Springs Life magazine. He has also built a strong following on social media thanks to his years as a fitness model, TV personality and appearances in film.

Additionally, he is the official spokesmodel for Australian swim & men's apparel brand, Cocksox. His worldwide following, the high-quality ingredients and performance of LÜB, commingled with the brand's cross-market appeal, have positioned the brand for continued growth this year and beyond.

"We spent a long time perfecting our blend before bringing LÜB to market in 2014," Cullens continued. "Every day men and women of all sexual orientations are discovering how LÜB can enhance their love lives.

"The real user reviews and feedback we receive from Amazon and across our social media platforms don't lie; LÜB is formulated to outperform other brands and is unlike any other lubricant on the market. The only question is Do You Want to Be Loved?"

LÜB is a proprietary blend of four ingredients, all pure grade silicones, giving it "an ideal consistency, viscosity and smoothness," the company said.

It is free of any additives, dyes, perfumes or irritants.

"It will never get sticky or dry out because it doesn't break the skin barrier or absorb the way water-based lubricants do," the company added.

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