Howard Levine, Melissa Hill to Host Show on L.A. Talk Radio

Howard Levine, Melissa Hill to Host Show on L.A. Talk Radio

LOS ANGELES — Howard Levine and Melissa Hill will be taking their radio show to L.A. Talk Radio beginning on Sept. 1.

"We had a great time on XXX Pornstar Radio, and they are really great people," said the industry veteran Levine, who also heads sales for Exile Distribution. "Melissa and I wanted to take it to the next level and with the sponsorship of Forbidden Fruits Films, we are able to do that.

"We have some great guests booked and some very interesting topics we will be discussing. Melissa and I have a chemistry much like Lucy and Ricky, Fred and Ginger, Rowen and Martin, we play off each other and the result has been really funny, informative radio."

Levine continued, "Melissa is super smart and funny. I am, well you know, kind of an asshole. Much less of an asshole than I was, but yeah, still an asshole. Anything might come out of my mouth, I have no filter. Melissa is my filter."

Listeners may tune in by going to or by downloading the iPhone app. All the shows are archived. For advertising opportunities, email

L.A. Talk Radio is also the Internet radio home of Amber Lynn and James Bartholet, plus several other shows ranging from comics to cooking.