Alicia Sinclair Joins epi24 Executive Team

Alicia Sinclair Joins epi24 Executive Team

SAN FRANCISCO —  Creators of the "The Womanizer" clitoral stimulator, epi24, announced that former JimmyJane vice president of worldwide sales and business development Alicia Sinclair is joining the company as director of education in-house intimacy expert.

Sinclair will be responsible for overseeing future product development as well as help the company expand its offerings by creating programs to better educate retailers, customers and the media about sexual health and wellness, and the importance of sex positive attitudes.

“I look forward to helping epi24 educate the industry and consumers about sex positive attitudes and how intimate products such as The Womanizer can help women take control of their sexual wellness,” Sinclair said.

The company said that throughout her 13 years as a sex educator, Sinclair has helped individuals improve the intimacy of their relationships and empowered them to embrace their sexuality, while challenging unhealthy attitudes. She has also helped develop communication channels between the government and the adult industry as part of the Child Protection and Obscenity Enforcement Act.

“We’re excited to have an industry expert such as Alicia Sinclair join our team to promote sexual wellness among consumers,” epi24 CEO Frank Alde said.

He added, “It’s important to us that our customers feel confident about the products they purchase and that they also feel empowered. Alicia will accomplish this through her expertise in educational outreach and her dedication to sexual health.”