Courts Controversy With ‘Deception’ Trailer Courts Controversy With ‘Deception’ Trailer

SAN FRANCISCO — has released the advance trailer for “Deception,” a full-length feature that combines graphic horror with hardcore sex.

Cherry Torn and Veruca James play hikers tortured by a brutal psychopath in the woods in the film slated to debut in early September as part of the brand.

While has a history of pushing boundaries, “Deception” may once again trigger critics like Gail Dines, who once accused the company’s films of violating the U.N. convention against torture, says JP (“The Pope”), the director of the film.

“Fear is just another way of hijacking our body’s fight-or-flight response to provide a more intense sexual release,” JP said.

JP, however, admitted that the film is ”extreme, even for us.”

Because of distributor fears and obscenity codes, adult “horror” movies tend toward parody and camp. The Pope said he’s looking to change this.

“This probably isn’t a film that we’d ever be able to release on DVD, even in an edited version, but it was important for me to make,” he said. “I wanted to produce an authentic horror film that would really trigger panic in both the performers and the viewers. If it makes some people uncomfortable, so be it.”

The “Deception” trailer is available at