TrafficHaus Adds Postback Tracking Support

TrafficHaus Adds Postback Tracking Support

SAN DIEGO — TrafficHaus says it has made it fast and easy for buyers to track and quantify conversions with its new postback tool, giving clients access to even more robust data to help measure the results of their ad buys.

Going deeper than just impressions and clicks, TrafficHaus clients can follow users from click to conversion and accurately calculate the monetary success of each campaign, TrafficHaus Sales Director Jake Gonzalez said

“It is our priority to provide media buyers with access to the most powerful and results-focused toolset available, and the TrafficHaus team is pleased to release new postback support to enhance clients’ money-making abilities,” Gonzalez said. “Going beyond the click, postbacks link each sale back to the user and the creatives that compelled him to buy. Putting an accurate monetary value on each transaction gives clients access to ROI-focused data that can’t be denied.”

TrafficHaus has made implementing this postback tracking feature easy — simply place a tracking pixel on your site and it’s ready to go, Gonzalez said.  

Those looking to take this tool a step further are invited to explore Server to Server (S2S) postback technology for even more precise tracking of every conversion and transaction.

This function allows clients to assign a value to each conversion, enhancing existing stats with transparent ROI.

These conversion stats are displayed and maintained automatically via the TrafficHaus interface and are accessible with all other key stats already in use.

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