Bonnie Rotten Discusses Directing First Interracial Title

Bonnie Rotten Discusses Directing First Interracial Title

LOS ANGELES — Bonnie Rotten brings a competitive edge to directing she gained while thriving in the trenches of Porn Valley.

“I know how the performers are feeling,” Rotten told XBIZ. “You can tell if a guy isn’t into it fully or if a girl isn’t into it fully. If I see that, I’ll stop the scene and find out what’s going on.”

As one of the elite performers in the industry during the past three years, the 22-year-old star has been there, done that on camera. Now that she’s behind it full time it’s become second nature for her to relate to her talent on a more personal level.

“I take into consideration if it’s hot outside or if a guy has been doing the same position for too long or if a girl has been doing a position for too long,” Rotten said.

“I try to be considerate so they’re having more fun throughout the scene without making it mechanical.”

So far, so good for Rotten, who is continuing to expand her repertoire through new opportunities at Elegant Angel.

The next phase of her directorial career entails the studio releasing her first interracial movie. Simply titled “White Booty,” Rotten assembled an all-star cast led by 2015 XBIZ Female Performer of the Year Anikka Albrite for the flick, which will hit the streets on the first Monday of September.

In addition to Albrite, “White Booty” also features Maddy O’Reilly, A.J. Applegate and Richelle Ryan.

“This is the first IR movie I’ve actually shot and a lot of fans kind of created waves because I myself haven’t done IR,” Rotten explained. “I never did it but I had planned on doing it. I left the business [as a performer] before I ever had the chance to.

“I wanted to choose really, really good girls for this. They’re all awesome at performing.”

Albrite reached the pinnacle of the porn world in January as she swept the top performer awards, so for Rotten it was really a no-brainer to place her front and center of such a big movie.

“That was an easy choice,” Rotten said. “She has a great ass and she’s on fire.”

The director also planned to make Albrite her box-cover girl from the beginning.

“She was Performer of the Year for you guys and she’s such a sweet girl who has a great look,” Rotten said. “I knew she’d give a great performance."

Albrite went toe-to-toe with Nat Turnher in a first-time coupling for “White Booty.”

“I shot Nat in ‘Young & Natural’ with Keisha Grey,” Rotten recalled. “I like Nat. He’s got a great personality, a great body and he’s a great performer, always energetic.

“Every time I’ve shot him he’s been awesome. I think he’s very underrated.”

Both Maddy O’Reilly and Richelle Ryan, a pair of big-bootied brunettes, took on Moe “The Monster” Johnson.

“Moe is underrated too,” Rotten said. “It always makes me kind of mad because I have these great guys here and these guys work, but they don’t get the recognition. After I shot Moe for [‘White Booty’] I used him again for ‘Supersquirt 6.’

“I love the way he performs. He’s a very passionate guy and he’s a workhorse. You can put him up against any situation and he comes through, which I have a lot of admiration for.”

O’Reilly also appears in Rotten’s “Squirt in My Gape 4” that ships on Monday.

A.J. Applegate, meanwhile, dealt with Darwin Slimpoke in “White Booty.”

“He’s got tattoos and a wild-boy edge,” Rotten said. “And he’s really, really big. It was also my first time working with him. He’s a go-getter, just like the rest of the guys in the movie.”

She added, “Darwin was a referral. He had worked for a couple of my friends and I was looking for guys who aren’t in every single IR movie.”

In addition to her full slate of movies for Elegant Angel, Rotten is working on several other soon-to-be announced projects, including a new contest for the fantasy sports site,, where she signed a sponsorship deal in June.

She kicked off the venture with “Bonnie Rotten’s Baseball Derby" that awarded the winner an all-expenses paid trip to Los Angeles to go on a date with Rotten to a major league baseball game. Rotten attended a Dodgers-Angels matchup with the winner and his wife.

“The last contest went really well. The couple flew out from Oklahoma and it was their first time in L.A.,” Rotten said. “They were very nice people.” 

Now Rotten is working with Draftster on a football-themed promotion.

“Everyone knows I’m a humongous Raiders fan, so we’re going to do something special for a Raiders game,” she revealed.

In the meantime she’s also studying for her fantasy football draft on Sept. 8, “and I’m stressed,” Rotten admitted.

“It’s the same league I’ve been in the last three years with a bunch of guys,” she said, adding she placed fifth last season.

Rotten also landed the cover of Inked Magazine for its “Sex Issue” in September. Christian Saint photographed the tattooed star in New York.

“I was in an issue two or three years ago and we kept in contact after that. They said, ‘we’d like to fly you to New York to do the cover, would you be interested?’”

The issue is available on newsstands nationwide now.