HBO Spotlights in 'Sex On//'

HBO Spotlights in 'Sex On//'

SAN FRANCISCO — Pink & White Productions’ queer porn site is featured on the HBO documentary television series “Sex On//,” the NSFW follow-up to its popular "Real Sex" program.

Sex On// is described in The Essential HBO Reader as “a peek into the diversity of sexual activities,” profiling sex and technology with segments on Tinder, Oculus Rift, and web camming.

In Episode 4, producer and director Shine Louise Houston talks about creating “unconventional lesbian porn” in filming diverse bodies and sexual trends in the queer community. The segment features video interviews with performers Vivi Marie and Olivia Woods, Estelle and Christoph, and Andre Shakti and Tina Horn.

Clips include trans lesbian scenes by Hayley Fingersmith and Sadie Lune, and winner of "Best Trans Sex Scene" at the Feminist Porn Awards, Julie and Michelle Aston.

“At this point as far as achievements for Pink and White Productions, I’ve exceeded what my expectations were for success with the business and for contributing something to the genre,” Houston said in the program. “Even with just the CrashPad, I think I hit my mark.”

Sex On// is available online at For a link to the full playlist of CrashPad episodes featured on the segment, see CrashPad's blog.